Your Security Guards. Leveled Up.

Taps Guard is a security software and community platform that enables easier visitor verification and access control.

Empower your Gatekeepers with the Latest Authentication Technology

No room for human error

Your guards work day and night. Make it easy to get it right, every time

Integrate your systems with government-level verification

Grant access using complex workflows that span multiple systems

Centralise, Systemise and Optimise your Security Operations

Taps Guard enhances your real estate security with real-time, advanced verification that’s connected to the community

Document visitors:

- Arrival notifications
- Delivery logging
- Emergency alerts

Verify Information:

- Auditable information
- Global scalability
- Big data reporting
- Live dashboard

Ensure Compliance:

- Comply with PDPA & GDPR
- Proactive security
- Centralized management

Verify the Security of your Real Estate

A security that flows

Easily prevent unauthorised access and facilitate authorised access


Usable real-time data and analysis

Enable access and egress to be monitored and analyse visitors on site

Add value to the community

Improve productivity and accountability by connecting the property community


A secure Identity Access System that’s as easy as a tap!

Taps is Enidma’s temporary access platform suite that provides smart access for every occasion. Check out our other Taps solutions:

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