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Taps Check-In is a visitor management system (VMS) that streamlines, secures and governs the entire visitor access cycle. With integrations with your calendars, communication tools and more, it’s a great software solution for companies of any size.

Elevate the way you host your visitors

Create the best welcome experience for your visitors

Provide a custom check in interface with your logo and company identity. Enable advance scheduling and dynamically provide smooth access for every type of visitor. Print guest identification badges with useful information, so they don’t feel lost.

Run your visitor operations with ease and flair

Streamline and manage all necessary authentication, verification and issuance of temporary access seamlessly and conveniently, in real time. Get your signatures, permissions, and paperwork done easily by integrating document signing on check-in.

Get things done your way.

Taps Check-In is a Visitor Management System that’s easy to use and flexible to fit your needs. Features at a glance:

Automatically Generate:

- Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
- Visitor arrival notifications
- Package delivery logs
- Emergency alerts

Capture Insights:

- Live dashboard
- Auditable information
- Big data reporting
- Integrate with other Taps software

Enhance Security:

- Comply with PDPA & GDPR
- Proactive security
- Centralized management
- Cloud-based live information

Your ticket to the fast lane

Taps Check-In is a powerful Access Control System that offers quick access and enhanced security for smart workplaces, buildings and other properties. What you’ll enjoy:

Ditch The Paperwork

Replace the traditional visitor log book with self check-in and securely store visitor information. Taps Check-In is a cloud-based visitor management solution that simplifies the registration process without compromising security.

Speed Things Up

Make the visitor registration process smoother and faster through pre-registration and scheduling. Automatically retrieve stored visitor data and generate entry access with a QR code sent via phone message, email address or on your mobile device. 

Get Intelligent Insights

Monitor your facility's traffic from anywhere with live dashboard views. Transform data into actionable insights with real time reporting and analytic reports to help you gain full control of all your visitors.

Protect Your Visitor & Yourself

Safeguard your front desk and build employee confidence with touchless procedures. With Taps Check In, your data security is always up to date and access control is equipped with the latest technologies, from facial recognition to biometric authentication.

A secure Identity Access System that’s as easy as a tap!

Taps is Enidma’s temporary access platform suite that provides smart access for every occasion. Check out our other Taps solutions:

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