Productivity at your Fingertips

WorkHeld is a Field Service Management Application designed for Maintenance, Customer Service, Manufacturing As Well As Assembly And Commissioning.

An Intuitive Workforce Management Software Platform

A Mobile Solution For Technicians

WorkHeld provides easy access to all relevant information, checklists and asset data and allows for efficient documentation.

Improve your Efficiency with Digital Process Flows

With WorkHeld you can react quickly and easily to machine downtimes, prepare planned maintenance or create large projects and schedule technicians simply with drag & drop.

Allow your workers to focus on their tasks

Workheld improves safety in the workplace as technicians have distraction-free access to all relevant information. Features At A Glance:

Increased Productivity:

- Assign, schedule and dispatch projects, work orders and workers quickly
- Intelligent Voice Assistant allows real multitasking
- Retrieve and document information easily

Easily Coordinate:

- Communicate between coordinators and technicians
- Access work orders remotely and sign off in real time
- Allow complete transparency in the process

Automate Processes:

- Clone and schedule repeated tasks
- Predictive resource planning and resource control
- Easier and more extensive documentation and reporting

Efficient Project and Resource Planning for Many Industries and Fields

WorkHeld is a powerful and customisable application that can be integrated with your existing SAP ERP software and tailored to your needs. Some of its applications:

Digital Customer Service

WorkHeld enables you to deliver the best possible service quickly and reliably. Plan and execute service orders, automatically generate service reports and enjoy easy, fast and transparent invoicing.


Digital Manufacturing and Production

WorkHeld ensures efficiency and increases worker job satisfaction in the manufacturing of small components or the assembly of large machines and plants. Work order templates allow for step by step work instructions that reduce the error rate and seamless documentation is generated automatically.

Digital Maintenance Operations

WorkHeld allows easy tracking, planning and automation of maintenance routines. Analyze lifetime costs of the plant and components to make a data-based decision about repairing or buying new equipment.

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