About Us

Enidma is based in Singapore

We engineer identity management technologies and deliver digital transformation solutions for smart sites.

Our products are deployed at commercial and residential buildings, offices, industrial and business parks, stadiums and other event venues. We operate out of Singapore and focus on the South East Asian market.

Together we elevate the industry

Our founders were facility managers, workplace technologists and system integrators who got frustrated by the sheer endless inefficiencies lying in constructing and operating real estate as well as by the poor experience people face when interacting with buildings and building technologies.

We create seamless user experiences

The future of access

is frictionless and touchless.

Enidma passionates

about bringing the experience users have online also to the physical world.

Enidma enables

fast and secure physical access to anyone who needs to temporarily access a physical site.

Unleashing data insights to lead the new digital era

Beyond temporary access, Enidma’s solutions digitize spaces, automate processes and inject intelligence into real estate.

Our customers get access to a wealth of data intelligence and insights which helps them achieve new operational efficiencies. With Enidma our customer join the new digital era and the path of hyperautomation.

Our Vibe

Enidma challenges the status quo and aims to continuously move the industry forward to reach new industry standards while operationalizing innovation.

We collaborate with the best partners to create the most innovative solutions for our customers

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